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property development

Velocity Property Group

Velocity Colling-IPS works in partnership with the Velocity Property Group to provide solutions in the property development market space.

Velocity Property Group has established a framework to transform development and funding opportunities in the property sector into real value-added investments. VPG is structured as a “catalyst”, bringing together a diverse property industry skill base into a single entity to assess opportunities, develop value-added strategies, provide exit solutions or joint venture arrangements as appropriate, and deliver into the property investment market a quality project with specific and tangible financial outcomes.

Our goal has been to source and identify property investment opportunities that demonstrate significant intrinsic value and high potential to “value add” through various restructuring, rezoning and modification to the approval processes to extract a return on investment that substantially outperforms the market average. We also aim to identify alternative uses, staged developments or other extractive or reuse options in ensuring the maximum value can be achieved in any one property opportunity. Our focus is also on cash flow with regards to ensuring opportunities are converted to an earning entity in the shortest practical timeframe. Each property investment opportunity is unique, and is matched with the various investor requirements, time frames, tax conditions and risk tolerance considerations.

Property investment and development opportunities are sourced across Australia. The Group participates in a number of limited opportunities in Asia. These range from land sub-divisions, residential products, commercial and retail property, and a range of specialized development opportunities in resort, wineries, agricultural and manufacturing developments. Where possible we aim to secure pre-commitments to the final end product to ensure investment risk is minimized as early as practically possible.

With our internal consultancy teams, Velocity Property Group is able to test a range of design and planning options at earliest stage of project feasibilities providing a range of options as an investments development potential. Part of the Group’s land and business acquisition strategy has been to amalgamate sites into greater valued holdings.

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